Wimoor, a shop management system for SME on Amazon.
More convenient , more efficiently...
Product Development
Fine profit analysis, showing the profit of goods at different sites, providing a reasonable pricing reference for product developers.
Smart delivery and replenishment
Automatically determine the quantity of shipments and replenishments, and predict the time of arrival.
Analyze and monitor merchandise sales data
Provide comprehensive product sales, advertising and Cost-volume-profit data. Based on the data for summary analysis.
Financial statistics
Calculate the cost profit of each item and count the revenue and expenditure of each shop/site/project.

Deep integration with Amazon Provides a one-stop shop service

  • Product profit calculation
  • Inventory management
  • Smart Procurement Planning and FBA Shipment
  • Financial analysis
  • Multi-shop advertising management
  • Anti-monitor the Listing Hijacking
  • Control it on your Mobile Device
  • User rights management
Original Amazon Advertising Management System
  • simple project management tool
  • Feature Updates
  • Intelligent management

Simultaneous management of multiple shops, including the United States, Canada, Japan, Europe and other countries. The original and simple management interface makes multi-level and multi-level advertising data easy to reach and easy to query.

Support Amazon's latest advertising features, such as dynamic auctions, product launches, and more. Synchronize support for the latest features of Amazon ads, more comprehensive and useful report analysis.

More comprehensive keyword reference, multi-dimensional data analysis, timing settings, smart reminders, history tracking, refined management, easy optimization.

The reliable calculation of profit

Based on Amazon's operating fee rules, accurate calculation of commodity profits provides a reasonable basis for product development.

Configure different country algorithm rules to maximize profits. Enter the product parameters to calculate, query ASIN to understand the competitor's profit cost.

Intelligent Planning Procurement and FBA Shipping Solutions

Say goodbye to the cumbersome data export and difficult data metrics in Amazon.Intuitively understand the FBA data. Out of stock reminder to prevent the product from being out of stock.

The system automatically configures the quantity of shipments and replenishment. Manually adjusted according to actual situation.

Product Analysis: Dynamic Data Monitoring

Provides comprehensive product sales data (average daily sales, 7-day/30-day sales, visits, conversion rate), as well as advertising data and cost profit data.

Through commodity analysis, summary statistics and analysis, let sellers view the effectiveness of advertising, so as to provide an effective reference for selecting keywords, bids, and quickly make advertising decisions.

Integrate Amazon's global shops in all directions

Manage multiple shops with one account

Avoid frequent site switching, and the multi-site trend is straightforward.










Increase sales
Promote advertising ROI
save time
Reduce manual errors